Schneider AP9624 UPS Interface Expander 2

Adapter for fjernstyrt administrasjon - SmartSlot - RS-232 x 2
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Produsent Schneider Electric
Artnr AP9624
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  • Informasjon
    • Mounts in all supported APC by Schneider Electric devices equipped with a SmartSlot accessory slot
    • Works well in a heterogeneous network
    • Servers running different operating systems can monitor the same UPS simultaneously
    • Typically supports smart signalling on the serial port of the UPS
    • Can delay shutdown of the UPS until all servers have shut down gracefully
    • Has operating modes that cause the UPS to shut down after confirmation from all protected devices or after an interval set by the user
    • Does not depend on the operation of the network to protect connected devices
    • As a hard-wired accessory, the Interface Expander 2 reliably conveys important status messages during poor power conditions
    The UPS Interface Expander 2 (AP9624) from APC by Schneider Electric provides two additional computer interface ports for a UPS equipped with a SmartSlot accessory slot.

    This enables the UPS and your power management software to provide a graceful system shutdown for up to three network servers or other devices during an extended power outage.

    The Interface Expander 2 draws power from the UPS in order to monitor the UPS and report power conditions such as on-battery and low battery events whether the UPS is receiving AC utility power or not.

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